This is more of a version use question than a "how" you use question.  

What experience do you have using PB on a Chromebook that also runs Android apps?  What are pros/cons to using the web client or android client only over the desktop version?

I use a Windows machine and am trying to shift over to a Chromebook only.  I was thinking a device like the Asus C302, which is a convertible laptop running ChromeOS and Android apps would be a good alternative to my stable desktop version of PB. 

Some of my concerns are:
  • Speed/Stability - in everyday use does the Android/web client lag or crash?
  • Navigation - is it quick (i.e. shortcuts, menu bar) to:
    • create new parent, sibling, child thoughts
    • navigate a plex
    • attach websites or docs (cloud and local)

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