Did we lose what I considered as one of the best features in TheBrain to search the database in a comprehensible manner : the search result summary window?

In Brain 9, we only get a list of thought to pick from, but no search results with searched words highlighted.

I am starting to loose interest in the new version.  Please convince me otherwise.
@dbrunelle ~

Sorry to see you've not yet received a reply to this important question. There are a number of V8 brain users (myself included) who miss the static search window that is not currently available in TB9.

I do not know the current status of this feature request, but I'll include a couple of links below to related discussions in the hope that you can find more current info about where things stand:

As for highlighting text occurrences in search, here's the most recent feedback I could find from Harlan (10.26.17):
-- "Adding this would require the addition of a third party text converter. Sorry fans, it's not impossible but realistically there are many other features that are higher priority than this."

If there's a more current update on the status of the static search window, and this highlighted search word option in particular, perhaps someone from TB staff will bring us up-to-speed.

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