Hello, not so sure of what I did "wrong"..For sometime I have been using on my tablet TheBrain 8 and was able to access from different location what I have on The Brain 8 on my home desktop.

Recently I downloaded on my tablet The Brain 9, where I was able to create new thoughts. However, I cannot now access  my thoughts on TheBrain 8.

Beause of this, even though I already have downloaded TheBrain 9 version on my PC, I cannot start using it for fear of losing my The Brain 8 thoughts on desktop.

Bottomline, I can access my The Brain 8 on my home PC but not on my mobile tablet now.

Need your kind assistance on this matter.

TheBrain 8 and TheBrain 9 sync to a different server. Also, TheBrain 9 is not backward compatible with TheBrain 8.
You will need to import your version 8 Brains into version 9 via "File" -> Import.

You will need to synchronize your Brains for TheBrain 9 on both your desktop and the mobile app. You should then see the changes that you made.

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