When you hover over an event, the fist letter in the title disappears.

1) Create a new child thought called "Junk"
2) Hit the "Calendar" tab to switch to this view.
3) Hit the "Today" button on the Calendar toolbar. Switch to the single day view.
2) Click "Add" in the Calendar toolbar.
3) Make the new event "All day" and otherwise accept the defaults. Hit "Save"
4) The new event now appears in the listing under today's date along with the other events unrelated to the current thought which are scheduled for the day. Hover the mouse over the new event in the listing. The "J" in title "Junk" disappears.

Tom S.
OSX & J-1.6.0_17
KUbuntu 9.10
KDE 4.3.2 & J-1.6.0_16
Tom, Thanks for posting. I made a note of this for the developers.

Best regards,


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