Something -- I don't know what -- went wrong during a Sitebrain export,  and the folder for ThoughtData is empty.  If I try again to export, PB  endlessly stays in the "Checking for removed thoughts" mode.  If I attempt to delete the empty ThoughtData folder I get an Access Denied message.  Same if I try to change the name of the exported sitebrain..  I can export to another drive or with another name,  but in order to update my version on the webserverwith Dreamweaver, I need it to be in the same place on my drive with the same name.  What to do?
If I understand correctly, you just need to move/delete/rename the existing SiteBrain folder, so a new copy with the original name can be in the same directory.  Right?  Sounds like your system thinks that the exported files are in use.  Make sure the index.html isn't open anywhere and that PB is closed and isn't trying to export a SiteBrain to that location.   ...maybe even try a reboot?  You certainly should be able to delete that old copy.


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