My workplace has recently given me a license to Office365 and I'd like to move all of my information to OneDrive. I have OneDrive synced to my laptop so it appears as a folder in Windows Explorer.

A couple of questions:

(1) If I change the location settings in Options->Preferences->System->Storage, would that move all of my existing brains to that location?

(2) The warning under this setting shows "do not set this location to a network share". Is OneDrive (which is synced as a folder to my computer), considered a "network share"?


Hello Vicki,

Harlan wrote this post a few years ago, but I believe it's still true today.
=> http://forums.thebrain.com/post/syncing-your-brain-the-dos-and-donts-4785551?pid=40896107

OneDrive would be considered a File-Based Sync Service

~ Pat

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Thanks for the link, Pat! I would love to use the official Brain sync service but unfortunately, I can't have my confidential work documents uploaded to the Cloud. I suppose I'll revert to doing my own brain archival on a regular basis for backup.

Hi Vicki,

Yep everything said above is true, also discussed here http://forums.thebrain.com/post/synchronisation-between-computers-8102938?pid=1292195443

To be clear I synced via a HD for 2 years (prior to the proxy working) with only 1 database rebuild needed, but you have to be beyond careful - close to paranoid to make it work.  You need only ever have one brain open at a time, and check all writes are completed before you shutdown your computer.  Then when you are sure the Brain is shutdown on one computer, you can open on the 2nd and vice versa.

The chances of a corruption are high, so I made a brainzip weekly with the knowledge I would lose a weeks work if I even had to go back.

And as just about every recommends, I stopped doing this as soon as the Webbrain sync worked properly.  My time and information is worth way more than the cost of the cloud sync service ... it works reliably all the time [smile].

The other consideration is speed, the brain always works best with the database on a local HD, I'm not sure how OneDrive drive compares on that front.
Thanks - this all makes sense. I wonder if there's any data on doing this given I only access TB on one single computer. I can make it work without using OneDrive, but still curious as to whether a single computer also has issues since the sync is only one direction.

Yes, there is still risk involved even for an individual user and we do not recommend this storage/synchronization scenario. Additionally, the information in the link that Pat posted above to Harlan's post is still valid.

That being said, we do have many users that will link content in their Thoughts to individual files in Drop Box, One Drive, etc. No harm there, it's the same process as linking to any other URL.  Here's a link to a helpful video tutorial:


With the launch of the new web site, it appears the link to this video tutorial is now broken:

Is this video now available elsewhere?

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