Hi folk,

I am been using thebrain for many years, then stopped in the last 2, seeing that no new version were coming up.
Since the version 4 of the brain. I re-use it intensively both for personnal & professionnal issues (project management), hoping one day to be able to switch on BrainEkp with a internet user friendly interface.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at my very standard "brain", with about 1500 URL. Many of them has not been tested for a while, but most should work.


might be slightly slow from abroad.

You can check the thought "What I am using" for my daily soft uses.

Enjoy your time

Daniel Rivalin

Daniel Rivalin
Hi Daniel,

Interesting brain. Thanks for sharing it!


headed over...hope to pick your brian for good ideas...

"It is better to be a soldier´s widow than a coward´s wife"
"The onset of bayonets in the hands of the valiant is irresistible"
"Semper Fidelis"
"Always Faithful"
"Veni, Vidi, Vici"
(I came, I saw, I conqured)

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