I coded a little script for AutoHotkey that sets a link to a file selected in explorer in the notes of a selected thought. How to is written in the script.

You can add a link to every file on your HD to notes easily with that.

Best Regards

Copy the follwing code in a text-file and change the extension to .ahk, then open it with autohotkey:

; *** Add link to files in Notes of TheBrain. ***
; How to: Open this file in AutoHotkey.(http://www.autohotkey.com/)
; Select a thought in your brain where you want to put the link.
; You may set the cursor to the desired position in notes.
; Select a file in explorer. Press Ctrl+R. There you are :-)

GroupAdd, Explorer, ahk_class CabinetWClass
GroupAdd, Explorer, ahk_class ExploreWClass

#IfWinActive ahk_group Explorer
^r:: ;press CTRL+R to get focused file in explorer window
MouseMove, 400, 12
BlockInput On
ControlGetText, dir, Edit1, A
dir .= (SubStr(dir,0) != "\") ? "\" :
ControlGet, file, List, Focused Col1, SysListView321, A
filepath := dir . file
clipboard = %filepath%
SplitPath, filepath, name
SetKeyDelay, 400
IfWinExist ahk_class SunAwtFrame
SetKeyDelay, 400
Send ^k
SetKeyDelay, 30
Send {TAB 6}
Send %name%
Send {TAB 6}
SetKeyDelay, 400
Send ^a ^v {enter}
SetKeyDelay, 500
Send {Right}
BlockInput Off
BlockInput Off
MsgBox Please open a brain first.

Nice script. Sadly for me, I predominantly use Mac OS so AHK not a great option for me. Some of the other integration tricks I have come across elsewhere are also Windows only. Sigh. 

But nice touch, nonetheless. Appreciated. 

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