When I edit something on Webbrain, (add a note) it also takes an attachment or website from another unrelated note and adds it in.  I also notice that contact information is missing from notes designated as contacts.  So far my main file on my desktop seems to still be OK. 

It hasn't scrambled my main file yet, but I did run into this problem before when I first tried out theBrain.  It was the reason I had decided not to purchase the program.  I thought that after a few months  I would give it a try again, and it looked like things had improved, so I purchased the program only to find that it is still doing the same thing.  I wanted to be able to use the program at work but now I am afraid to synchronize in case it scrambles everything.  It is too big to be able to start from scratch.  Can you advise me?
You may want to e-mail support on this. I haven't experienced this recently, but there was a problem about a year ago with a beta release that caused a problem with notes.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
As zenrain has mentioned, please contact support directly at or by emailing with as much information as possible (including, but not limited to, an output.log after recreating any issue you may be experiencing).

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