Hello, I'd like to rename the note window to what I want (like I can do it for a file).
Also, multiple notes for 1 thought will be really really nice.
Thanks, G.B
As for multiple notes, a workaround could be to just save a document (txt, rtf, etc) in that thought's folder. It will become instantly readable, acting a little bit as a second note
Using: Evernote | FilterizeEverdo | Dynalist | Liner | TheBrain v9.1.12.0
Text files as attachments would also allow you to name the file. The only downside is it's not editable from within TheBrain. However, .txt are immediately viewable so for final documents this would be a viable workaround.

I haven't really thought of a use case for having multiple notes for a thought, but it's an interesting idea. [smile]
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
It is an interesting one.  Feature request documented.

Thank you,

Hello guys,

I understand that some brain users are not happy with the available Note Editor.
I agree with that and have made some research about the currently situation about an editor that could be imbedded in thebrain 9 in stead of the currently used tinymce.

The best choice i found is ckeditor.

I have made  a brainzip about the study.
Could you please give me your comments ?

In attachment the brainzip: Editors 2018-02-04.brz


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