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  • Undo/Redo to the standard of Mind Manager and UltraRecall
  • Thought Properties/Attributes with various data types: yes/no, string, etc - (Frankly having merely the property Type is extraordinarily limiting - and assertions of being able to do "Advanced Modeling" with Types alone degrades the word Advanced :-) )....
  • Bring key words out of redundancy - use Key Words for Search and Reports

Frankly, for the moment, I've stopped using Personal Brain - because even though its got the most stunning Graphical UI, it by no means provides "Advanced Data Modeling" as proclaimed in the instructional material. If you are using the Brain to just store links and notes in a very attractive way - then fine. But I need to manage to do's and schedules, plus integrate complex assortments of data; email, contacts, web sites, documents, notes etc into those to do's and schedules; then it is mandatory to have Properties and Attributes for Thoughts which can be "strung together" in various complex ways involving and/or combinations to produce reports, and searches which filter Thoughts in a much more "Advanced" way than is presently possible.

I have seen people here in the Forum describing how they are doing something like that with PB4 as it is, but frankly, in my opinion, its a very long way round, and way too time consuming, compared with what would be the case if Personal Brain implemented Thought Properties/Attributes.

There, I've had my rant. I'd love to use PB4 for everything - but unfortunately I've found it too limiting because, from my point of view, I simply, can't now, do advanced modeling.

I believe fellow PB4 users here who have in the past or now use Ultrarecall, and/or Zoot will be quite familiar with the conundrum I am referring to here?

Oh, and a final word - its almost unacceptable that we still do not have Undo/Redo...

EMoeller wrote:
A SpaceNavigator (6 axis mouse for 3-D navigation - Logitech) would be great for navigation.

I suddenly realised, that PB can be displayed as a 3D-structure, not as the 2D we see today.

With more work on the GUI, a 3D-GUI is the next step (or next set of stairs).

It would be GREAT to fly through the plex and look at the different chains of thougth. Obviously this can prove to be a challenge for novices (sp?), but it would be great for presentations. Usefullness may drop, though!

Looking forward to see the improvements!
Here's my priority list for 2008
1) Insert Object ... in notes
Imports and updates notes content from external sources,
i.e. html or xml (!) files

2) PB API Macro
Drives PB functionalities from external apps, as batch thoughts
creation, renaming, filtering, or conditioned to some rules...

3) filter thoughts (plex)view by thought type and by link type
Customized plex view based on thought or link type or some attribute

Would only the 1st be implemented I'ld be happy enough...

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There have been a lot of good suggestions.  Here are my suggestions for product improvements:

Make Alt-Home go to the home thought.

Make the upper menu bar accessible using keyboard shortcuts. (Such as ALT-F, ALT-E ...)

Change printing so that it fills the whole page instead of leaving a large border.  (Changing margin size only helped a little bit.)

Allow the capability to print the whole relationship tree when doing multi-page.

Forgive me if these have been mentioned but I'm relatively new to TheBrain.
Here are a few that I came up with:

1.  ability to specify thought and link types upon creation (I find it annoying to have to select those items after I've created it and named it.  Seems like a selection dropdown should be available on the thought name popup)

2.  ability to set multiple user-defined parameters of differing data types for a thought (e.g.  set a numeric, a date, or string... sort of a set of KEY/VALUE pairs)

3.  in conjunction with item 2, the ability to set sort order of peer thoughts based on a user-defined parameter (e.g. let's say I'm building a Jeopardy Study Guide brain where I'd have thought categories like Geography and under that, Rivers, and each river name thought could have a "length" parameter which would give me a good visual organization of the longest to shortest or vice versa.  In that same Jeopardy brain, I might have European History.Country.Rulers.<name> (dot notation for brevity) where each <name> would have user-defined parameters of "birth-date", "death-date", "rule-date-start","rule-date-end" etc.)

4.  in conjunction with item 2, ability to craft more complex searches (like specifying a sort of "where clause" e.g.  'where <parent thought> = "x" and <param name> = "weight" and <param value> = "2"...'

Thanks for a very compelling product!  Personally, I see a lot of potential uses and look forward to continued exploration.


to be able to use PB on iPhone or Itouch.

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Scoutee, have a look at this:

to be able to use PB on iPhone or Itouch.


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1) I've been using the brain for collecting url's and then distributing them to students. I'd like to be able to export the brain so that in the web page it either shows the url so people can copy and book mark it, or, probably better, opens the page in a new window.

2) On the Mac the highlight of the brain tabs is the wrong way round: the brightest should be the current brain, the grey ones those that are waiting in the wings, inactive.
1.  API

2.  More options for the Random Wander, like a pause-continue toggle key, and the ability to see notes during the walk.

3.  Move the 4.2.x version into production as soon as possible.

Suggested feature: A specified replay function for a time period,  f.e.x. a replay of a days work.
TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Many good priorities here...

First, I'd like to see some Linux issues addressed:

1) Drag and Drop. Recognizing that this is a complex topic, I'd be very happy to see D&D interaction with the KDE/Gnome desktops. Other applications could follow as possible.

2) Import Firefox bookmarks.

As a general priority

3) Save expanded view/ multiple saved expanded views

4) Modeless reminders (so we can keep working/navigating while the reminders are displayed) that we can click to take us to the related thought.

On a more esoteric level: I'd like to see

4) Further progress on "undo", which I see (perhaps incorrectly) as eventually growing into a full keyboard/mouse logging/undo/redo function. This could be leveraged in reports and calendar...

- Tighter integration of the calendar capability into the user interface. It would be nice if the calendar could "see" the reports output or look elsewhere in the UI... For example, display when thoughts were modified/created/etc.

- "Time" in addition to "Date" information in the calendar/events, to create/display appointments and fine tune alarms.

- Toggle the calendar to view thoughts/events/to-dos/etc

- retention of thought created/accessed/modified log for billing/time analysis. Filter log for specific thoughts --> output to a report ("I modified the thought(s) X,Y and Z for a total of 8 hours in the week of October 8, 2007")

I spend a lot of client time working in PB, and in the past I've resorted to using a keylogger on myself to try to track client time. However keyloggers can't tell if I'm working on a Client's thoughts or just cooking thoughts for a potential novel.
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On top of my wish list

Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3 and so on could choose between the pins in the plex, just like the tab function in Firefox.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
A Bind keys functionality like in the KDE shortcuts could be nice to have:

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Breade2u wrote:
Make Alt-Home go to the home thought.

Why that? Don't you like the Home-key? 


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