Just a point of interest for all the new Mac Brain users:  If you are a long time user of PersonalBrain, your existing 4.x PersonalBrain files on your PC can work on the Mac version as well!  No need to start a whole new Mac Brain from scratch, just copy over a .brain file and .brain folder from your PC to the Mac and you’ll be up and running.


I noticed that too and was stunned when it worked. I guess that Java is cross platform enough to cover both PC and Macs.

One thing I did notice was that the directory structures are different for thoughts with local files/folders. I know that is difficult if not impossible to change, but if you have any tips for sharing a brain with the same content between Mac and PC, please share.

I tried playing around with keeping the brain on a USB key and shuttling that back and forth between Mac and PC (same content) but I'm finding that probably the best solution is to keep everything I want in my brain in 1 location: the usb drive.
I'm just worried that the constant write access to the flash will degrade it over time.
Luckily I can backup the brain easily.



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