I am really, really impressed how much my workflow has improved now that I have an inbuilt webbrowser and pdf reader in the brain. I can comfortably read and take notes. A while ago I stopped putting notes into the Notes window, all my notes are separate thoughts. Interesting new connections pop up all the time now:-) I follow these connections and, of course, I lose the text I was reading before. Then I have to click myself back into the thought containing the text.
It would be wonderful if I could pin a text, a pdf, a blog, etc. The text would stay put in its window and would not disappear when I click on other thoughts. I imagine myself clicking a button in the tab of the attachment and then this attachment stays put. 

+1 here also. However I could see people doing this by accident and being confused, so I think it would need a identifier similar (but possibly more visible) to the tab color change when the tools area shows the content of a hovered thought.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Interesting request. Thanks for posting and I'll document for further review.

I’d like to add my support to this request please. [smile]

The inline viewer is great until … I click on another node and loose the current reading position in a pdf or html page if its a browser. My current workflow  is to create a secondary window for stateful content that is “relatively” static i.e. that is until 'I forget’ and … 

IMHO incorporating a setting/pin (and flag @Zenrain) for persistence and stateful content in a window would raise the bar on its usability signficantly.

macOS 10.13.1
TheBrain 9.0.234
Doesn't right clicking on the content window title area and selecting "Open Content in New Window" accomplish this?

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