I think I have a perpetual license for TheBrain version 9, and a one-year subscription to the online features, but the \help\About text says the following:

Pro license and services to (one year date)
Version (current version)
License does not qualify for Version 9.

Shouldn't this read:

Pro License Perpetual
Services to (one year date)
License does not qualify for Version 10.
This would best be handled by contacting support directly.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

This would be best taken care of by emailing us at , if you haven't already. 

We do not have any notices in our system to check whether a license qualifies for version 10 yet, nor do we have any plans set for v10. Once v9 is released in the full version we may begin planning for v10.

Cheers, Sean

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