Now have iOS and Android version both installed on tablets.
I have a brain where most of the thoughts also have a png image attached.
On iOS they don't display in the thought name but they do, no problem in the Android version.

Currently I think I prefer the Android version, primarily due to the way it displays attached images. It's nice when you tap the paperclip and a popup window appears with the image. Tap back on the paperclip and the popup goes away.

It's great that they now work even when not connected!

The attached images are not showing because the attachments are only downloaded when you open the attachment. I'd guess you synced your android device prior to the changes made to sync that altered this behavior. In a future release we will add the automatic download of attachments that are used as thought icons. 

Meanwhile, if you want to make the icon appear on a particular thought, open the attachment. 

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