Just today, I installed and upgraded from 8.0.2.a

I have to say, the problem I've been suffering from for a long time seems to have been fixed in this version. And that problem is the awful, sluggish behavior of the Expanded View when I have a large number of thoughts in a saved view. Not even an unreasonably large amount, mind you... but my brain has 486 thoughts and 591 links. Not what I'd call particularly large compared to what people say this program can handle. And the program is smooth as butter in "normal view" mode as always. But expanded view has been giving me lots of headaches. Just trying to pan the screen around a large view felt like I was running a Pentium II or something.

Yes, I do almost all of my work in an Expanded View, so it's very important to me that this feature be improved. Currently, it needs a lot of work. There aren't even scroll bars! There isn't even an export feature allowing me to save an image of the view. These should be obvious features. I have a feeling, though, that not enough people actually USE expanded views to be able to report all the bugs to the dev team.

Anyway, nice work on because (so far) it seems to be running very smooth, and I can finally view my large story arc and pan around it without wanting to put my fist through the monitor. [smile]
Thanks for the positive feedback.

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