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I have a brain 'gtd' that has been successfully synced on the two platforms with the beta. I have since imported a much larger brain from version 8, 'me' into the version 9 brain. While 'gtd' syncs according to the notifications, the imported 'me' thoughts do not appear in the iOS client.

I've changed thoughts, added thoughts and added notes & attachments to the imported 'me' thoughts to force a sync but I can't tell if the 'me' thoughts are syncing to the iOS client or not.

Is this expected? Or should I see 'me' as part of 'gtd' now as I had expected?
Hello. Thanks for posting. It sounds like something is going wrong. We'll do some testing with sync and import to see if we can discover a problem that might explain what you are seeing.
Thanks. They were both originally created in thebrain 8. I've just read your 'Advanced Sync' post & think I've probably gone about this the wrong way™. Well, someone would have done it sooner or later. 
We've replicated this issue and are working on a fix to prevent it from happening in the future. To solve your immediate problem, here are the steps to take. Feel free to contact us via chat or email to if you would like us to help walk you through these steps over a web meeting or phone call.

Part A: Consolidate all data from every copy of your brain into a single copy. This must be the copy where you did the original import of the 'me' brain - let's call that machine your "master" desktop.

1. Sync from iOS and wait for it to complete.
2. Sync from any other mobile devices/desktop machines and wait for them to complete.
3. Sync from the "master" desktop and wait for it to complete.

At this point everything including the 'me' brain thoughts from all instances of your brain should be on your "master" desktop.

Part B: Backup your Brain and change the GUID.

3. On master desktop, backup your brain (File > Backup to Brain Archive).
4. Delete every copy of your brain from every machine except the copy on your master desktop. 
4a. Delete the remote copy from the server (close brain, then right click on it from the brains list and choose "Delete Remote Brain").
Delete the local copy from your iOS device (long press on it from brains list).
4c. If you have additional desktop machines other than the master, delete the local copies from them also (close brain, then right click on it from the brains list and choose "Delete Local Brain").
5. On master desktop, you should now have the only remaining copy of your brain (aside from the backup).
6. Assign the Brain a new GUID (close brain, then right click on it from the brains list).

Part C: Sync again.

7. Sync the brain to the server.
8. Sync the brain to your iOS device and any other desktops.

That's it. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for reporting this issue.

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