nearly unbelievably, I did not think I would still live when the brain comes out for iOS and it looks exactly as it should in the videos! I'm an old PersonalBrain user (version 6 or 7) but I decided to wait until a version for iOS would come out. The personal working style simply had changed to use the of iPad and without the outlook of support for a real mobile client, the investment in an upgrade did not look like a good idea.

Well, now we have it, nice ... but then it became clear that my old sync method using Dropbox (yes I know that it needs to be used with care) would not work again and that I would have to use the cloud services in order to make use of it. I only have 2-3 brains, so cloud services are purely for synching but without sync the iOS version is pretty useless.

The problem that I have is that the price tag for this kind of private use of the brain is much much too high. 160$ or 120EUR every year just to be able to sync brains, that is astronomical! Yes maybe you get updates but, do I need those every year? I'd rather pay less. I mean look at any other subscription-based services, you pay maybe $5 to $10 per month max. Sorry but 160$ per year ONLY for brain syncing is over-the-top!

Suggestion dear the brain, why not split between a company offer and a private offer? 

There are other postings on this topic and the company should think about it, because I will not be the only PersonalBrain user that will NOT come back with these conditions. And I really would love to use the brain again, because I've never found a real alternative, neither MindMaps (e.g. MindMeister) nor Evernote are an alternative to the brain's graph-based organization of information. But not at this cost please!

Do something!


Thanks for posting.  Please keep in mind that there is the option for FREE Brain syncing on the iOS as well.  Yes, the annual subscription option does have more features and benefits, but many of our iOS users have found that the free account meets all of their needs.  Just create an account at and then login from your iPad or iPhone and start creating and syncing your Brains.

I'll be sure to share your thoughts with our sales and development teams.

Thank you for your honest feedback and your interest in TheBrain,
TheBrain Technologies
I just recently found myself in this same situation. I own a Pro version, but as a private user I cannot afford the price for cloud services. I pay already for cloud services for other tools, but the amount I pay is astronomically smaller. 

I can't use my pro version because it won't work with free sync and I can't use the free version because one of the biggest differences with other solutions for me are the thought types, tags and link types - all of them pro features. 

Is there a future scenario in which the company could consider creating a more cost-effective price plan for private users?
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. You may want to take a look at TheBrain Pro Service for $180.00 per year. TheBrain Pro Service gives you all the Pro features and cloud services for the duration of your Pro service. 

Here is a link to our store page with pricing details: as well as a chart with all version details for your reference:

Monthly payments has been recorded as a feature request, and maybe coming in the future.

Best regards,
TheBrain Technologies

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