I have been using the Core version for some time and have put considerable information into my Brain. Now I need to print a report and find there is no provision for doing that. I am disappointed that there is no print provision and that I didn't realize it before I bought the product. For me it is a huge disadvantage to have my data organized and no way to get a hard copy print out.

Could we at least have the ability to copy the report and the note associated with each thought and paste them into a program that can print it out like Word or Excel. Printing the notes out one at a time and then tying them back to the thought they should be associated with makes the Personal Brain a complete waste of time, for me.

If there is a way to get a hard copy print out of a report or search result please let me know how to do it.

Thank you.

Michael Johnson

The print report feature was requested some time back and the facility is now in place. Run your report, go to edit, add report results to selection and then copy selected as text.

As for integrating the printing of notes with associated thoughts from report output i don't know if that has been requested before but you can request it as a feature. Of course you can print out any information within the brain, but printing a specific block of notes has not yet been raised as a need.


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I still would like to have a true Print Report option.

I run reports all the time (project, to do, etc.) and having the option to quickly dump that screen to paper would be great.

Westbroek, I'm with you. There needs to be a handier way to grab the Brain's 3D information and get it to 2D. Even just a alphabetical list of all thoughts with their linked file names and Notes would be terrifically useful. And always good to have a paper backup!

- John Roberts

Absolutely!  And an export from Reports and Searches, too, into either comma-delimted or text format that some "real" report writer can use (I don't know if there are any XML-input report writers).

The first application I started ran into exactly this issue.  Even though I can have multiple relationships, to get something out of the brain I have to congeal it all into one note or attachment on just one thought, as attachments and notes are only related to the one thought they are attached to.  I suppose you could create a single parent and put the document there even though it was really the concatenation of all its child thoughts.  I guess you could also create a "catch all" thought type to try to clarify this workaround, but it still feels like a kluge.

What I'd like to be able to do is to report / export the contents of the notes and/or attachments in a formatted report, probably what the creator of this forum thread was thinking.  Something like this (without the [bracketed] text):

Suggestions for TheBrain [parent thought / report title]   5/24/08       Page 1

Add an icon library          [child thought name (from the "Report")]

   [the note]It's too cumbersome to add icons manually; instead, there should be...

Add print capability for reports and searches [child thought name]

   [the note]A report isn't a "report" if you can't get it off the screen!

Use the Windows background color in lower windows [child thought name]

   [the note]I don't use white!
This would be easy to do, by selecting a "report root" thought and maybe  checkboxes for "include child thoughts" and "include children" and "include siblings".  This would be very easy for users to understand.

The multiple step "add to selection" / "copy" method is certainly not a report.  It's certainly good to have more ways to move data aready, but it's not the same as a Print button and a couple of checkboxes!


This would be a big step toward making PB more appealing to buyers -- there needs to be some way to extract/print reports that both summarize a Brain and/or segments of it. For instance, I have a Brain that ranges far and wide -- from people to places to whatever. If I could print out a sub-list from this information -- e.g., a list of the Thoughts with 'people' tags (perhaps with their notes bulleted below the thought-name) -- this would GREATLY enhance my work-related use of this software!


I'd like to re-energize this thread.  I'm using Personal Brain  I was using to organize my thoughts about software components in a suite and attached some URLs to my thoughts.  I wanted to send a list of the URLs to someone on my team but, found that I could not.  A .CSV export would seem a natural feature for this application. 

Agreed--I *know* there has to be a way to make this work where I can share this in forms other than a straight print plex. But I can't seem to figure it out! Help!

Actually, I take that back--I just watched a video. sorry... I should have googled it first!

Hi Jenn,

Your reply intrigues me - which video did you watch?

I agree there doesn't seem to be a method for including the URLs of  URL attachments with an exported Report. This could be most useful.

However, one could adopt a "belt-and-braces" approach. Simply have both Notes and Properties & Attachments tabs open simultaneously. Set Reports to filter by  Attachments > URL Attachments. Then select each item in the filtered list one by one. Copy each URL from the Attachments list in P&A, then paste it into Notes. Copy/paste or type an appropriate title next to each.

When finished, either use Edit > Add Report Results to Selection, or select a block of contiguous thoughts or Ctrl-click to select non-contiguous thoughts and add them to Selection.

Then Edit > Copy as text outline with Notes and the URLs will be included.

Is there an easier way?

Alan Rhodes
I watched this video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV533xqxQl4  but it looks like you are already ahead of me. And I've found that you have to have been diligent in setting up your thoughts correctly (in appropriate order) for the outline to copy over perfectly. But at least I don't have to rekey words and the outline is close. Not a perfect solution, though.
Thanks Jenn for the video link. It helped me discover how many good PB videos there are out there. As a result I've listed the better ones here.
Alan Rhodes

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