After using the brain for many years I have suddenly run into a series of problems some of which, I admit, may be of my own making.

My first problem came when I signed on to Thebrain website - what that took me to was a link for stored brain 8 brains. I apparently had no access to anything involving version 9. I still have no access to anything brain9, but I have found a way to access the discussion forums with a different password and account. Why does the one sign on that I have used for years not give me access to the discussion forums or information involving thebrain 9?

I did download and install version 9, but was disappointed to find that I could not store version 9 brains on a network drive or USB key. I have always used a remote drive on my desktop when I am accessing brain files from my laptop, but that appears to be a thing of the past in version 9.

Now it’s not clear to me how to get rid of version 9. I am not sure whether the uninstall button in Windows 7 is going to uninstall version 8 version 9.

Why is thebrain 8 being abandoned especially when version 9 is still in beta form? Is there any thought given for users who just want the desktop version and are totally uninterested in cloud services or storing their brains offsite?

Any help or advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for posting.  First, just to give you a bit of background on TheBrain Cloud. Version 8 has not been abandoned.  It is still available for download and you can still sync to http://www.webbrain.com.  Version 9 of theBrain now syncs to app.thebrain.com.  From the v9 login page, there is also a link where you can access your synced v8 Brains.  Also, you should be able to log into either http://www.webbrain.com or app.thebrain.com with your original Brain user name and password.  If you cannot log into app.thebrain.com, please send a note into support@thebrain.com and we'll take a closer look.

Next, we use another application/service for hosting our forums.  Our Brain customer database does not communicate with the db behind running this forum, so it is possible that you have different log in credentials.

And finally, changing the location of your Brain 9 storage to a removable drive is not recommended or supported. Doing so will result in data corruption. TheBrain depends on a connection to its databases at all times. We have strong warning messages for users when moving the location of their storage within the application. It's up to you, the user, to heed this advice.

If moving a Brain on a USB stick or removable hard drive is your only option for transport, you may manually move a Brain Archive file (.brz) from one machine and extract on another. To create a .brz file, open your Brain and click on File > Backup to Brain Archive... 

Thank you,

thanks Matt, I wish I'd been aware earlier of the problems of using TheBrain 9. When I tried version 9 I let it install the files on the computer main drive and not on my network drive. That part seemed to go okay, but after trying version 9 I decided it wasn't for me, deleted version 9 from my laptop and went back to version 8.

Now I find that by trying version 9 it actually deleted my version 8 files from the network drive. it even moved my backup folder to the location it preferred on my main laptop drive. Unfortunately, I had not made a brain zip since July of this year so I have lost a whole lot of inputs over the last five months.

The company should really warn people that, if they do have version 8 brains stored on a network drive, they should not open them with Thebrain 9 because it will be eliminate the version 8 files.

I wish I had never had anything to do with version 9. I just want a desktop version TheBrain software that I used to now for over a decade.  During that time it has been my practice to share brain files between my laptop and my workstation using a USB drive attached is the workstation and I gather that is no longer possible with version 9.  Surely there must be other brain users who face the same dilemma as I do.  I do not have a fast enough Internet connection to use cloud storage even if I wanted to.
Dave Snelling
Update - Deletion of v8 files didn't occur. See  http://forums.thebrain.com/post/thebrain-8-files-on-a-network-drive-9581606?pid=1302535855
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Thank you for the update and link Alex!

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