The 'Properties' dialog of links is too minimalistic.

What does 'Default' mean? No tooltip. One has to click on the filed to see that this is about the thickness of the line. Even on this small dialog is enough room, to put an explaining label in front of the entry field.

And there is a consistency issue with this dialog. The field for the link type shows per default 'Untyped' (that's ok). But in the properties dialog of a thought, the corresponding type field shows 'Type', but NOT the default.

And yet another consistency issue: In the context menus of an activated link and an activated thought, one menu says 'Properties' without shortcut, the other says 'Show Thought Properties' plus shortcut. There is no reason, not to use corresponding phrases (i.e. 'Show Link Properties').

You might call me picky. I just notice such things. They make me think, if there might be a reason behind. And I don't want to be interrupted by such details. It's the details that make the difference between a Mercedes and a car.

Steve Krug has written a book about such things: 'Don't make me Think':

Just one quote:

Reinhard TB, WIN 10

The quality of good products is the
result of the attention paid to details.
Valid points.  Thanks for posting and I'll share your thoughts with the team.

Thank you,

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