Under "fixes" what does Harlan mean by "More explanation of how user access works is needed"? Does that mean this release contains such explanation? Would appreciate "more explanation"  of this note.
See this discussion on user access to private thoughts in email shared brains for more details.

Harlan wrote: 9.0.259 will make the fact that private thoughts are included when sharing via email more obvious and prompt for confirmation when performing this action.
FYI, you'll see the change that has been implemented in V259 when you attempt to share a brain by email:
> Online > Brain Access and Sharing....

After entering an email address, and initiating the sharing invitation, when you click "Save" a confirmation box now pops-up:
> confirming that you want to share the private thoughts in your brain and
> offering you the option to cancel the sharing process if you don't.

See screenshot below for details:


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