Just now opened V9 (running on my Win7 desktop), and synced all 4 of the test brains I have open in TB9.

Then I updated TB9 to version 232.

After the new update was finished, I synced each of the 4 test brains again, and I was surprised to see that 2 of the 4 brains synced again, as if new edits had just been made.

Q. Why would 2 of these 4 brains need to sync again after the new version update when they were all synced immediately prior to the update?

Output log attached.
Also, why are my test brains in TB9 automatically updating when I have the automatic sync turned OFF?

Very interesting observation.  I don't have a known reason for sync occurring after an application update if it was recently synced.  I'll roll back and test that scenario.  Also, the 'disabled auto sync still syncing' issue is an older bug that may have found it's way back.  I've flagged this for further testing as well.  Thanks again for noticing.

When a sync completes, that does not mean that it is completely up to date. Each sync is a single two-way exchange of information. Sometimes it is not possible to get everything completely sync in that single exchange and in this case any remaining changes will be sent on the next subsequent sync.

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