I suppose the reasoning behind this function was: 
'If I don't find it, I want to create it as fast as possible.'

But then...
The created thought is an Orphan.
By creating it I lose my context.
I have to create the links manually.
So the time saved when creating the thought
is lost again when I have to establish its context.

I never missed a function like this.
If dilutes the purpose of the search box
by combining different functions in one UI element.

If at all, the created thought should be a child of the active thought.

Reinhard TB, WIN 10

it's an addition, but results in a dysfuntion of the search function.
I was testing it this very morning


Sorry, I don't agree. If we want to create a thought that is linked we can already use the drag-link or F6-F8 keys.

The Create a thought from the instant search box is for when you are searching for a thought and don't find it. Under most of those circumstances, when I search for thoughts they are in a different portion of my brain database. If I want to add it from the search, I don't want it linked to what I'm currently looking at. After creating it I can link it to the section, or leave as is and come back to it later. 

If the thought history wasn't implemented in this release at the same time the argument could be made that if you leave as an orphan thought it would be hard to find or access later, but since that list is available for recently created/modified thoughts they are easy to find.

I've been using this function more than a few times each day.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
zenrain has described perfectly how this feature is intended to be used. We had lots of requests for this feature. Many users wanted a quick way to create Thoughts without having to tie them down to a specific section right away.
Still, I don't get the workflow. Let me recap:

1. First you enter a search term into the search box;
    if found you select it in the match list;
    if not found you click on 'Search' to search the brain.
2. If thoughts are found, you either select a thought
    or you click 'Create' to create a new orphan thought that gets the name of the search term.
3. To link the thought you select another thought (either using the timeline or
    the search feature) and then link the newly created thought with it.


Do you just enter a thought name in the search box and click 'Create' without caring for the search functionality? (Then this wouldn't be a 'Search Box' at all.)
Reinhard TB, WIN 10
Don't can link to any existing Thought in the Brain by simply typing it's name. You don't have to navigate to the Thought you want to link to, so linking to the newly created quick thought is only a two-step process.

Newly Created Quick Thought:


Link to Existing Thought:


FYI: You can press tab on your keyboard to switch between Create and Search while the Search field is active.
I love the quick thought feature. A terrific side effect is that I no longer accidentally trigger the slow (on my machine) full search when hitting Enter after typing in a thought name. Bonus!

I no longer accidentally trigger the slow (on my machine) full search when hitting Enter after typing in a thought name. Bonus!

Best wishes to all who look at signature lines.
Originally I too wanted to ask to make this an option. However, after seeing this discussion, I think I should retrain my muscle memory to the new behavior. The rationale makes good sense to me.

TheBrain has added an option to change the default for this. You can find it in Preferences > UI
yes I just noticed. This is the perfect solution


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