Within the contextual menu for a thought, menu item "Set Tags", as well as from the thought details dialog, tags button, one can select one (contextual menu) or multiple (TDD) tags to be added or removed from the current thought.

I often face the situation, where I want to add one tag, and remove another tag.
Now, these are two steps: add one, remove the other.

It would be nice I could press e.g. the Shift key while selecting one tag. This tag would than be added, the other tags would be removed. It could be visualized within the tags lists like ...

Contextual menu:                                                      Thought Details Dialog (TDD):
tag menu - shifted.png  tdd - shifted.png      

But there might be a small problem: where I want to replace "open" by "finished", I might want to keep the tag "Prio 1". This could be solved within the TDD's tag list, while holding the Shift key, I could click on "Prio 1", and it would be "unselected from removal" (= line removed).

Because the contextual menu offers a 'direct action' (= select one item starts the appr. action), there must be another procedure, e.g. "Space" for select/deselect, and "Shift-Space" for replace/'unselect from replace' (...but I'm not happy about these different approaches, it would be better to have only one...).


Thanks for posting.  I'll document the feature request.  In testing, I noticed that it would be nice to have the Context menu stay open while making multiple tag selections as well.  We'll consider these options.

Unfortunately since we are using native menus, the context menu cannot stay open while making multiple tag selections.

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