In my newly upgraded PB4Core, I stumbled on a strange occurrance that I never noticed while using PB3.2 (although I may not have ever attempted to do this):

I enter people with reversed names (e.g., "Smith, Joseph T.") as thoughts.  Before now, I have never had any problem with this.   But in entering two people, spouses with the same last name, (in this case, "Curie, Pierre" and "Curie, Marie"), then connected them with a peer link, they appear to have successfully been added as thoughts, but they display strangely on the plex.

When either of them is displayed as the central link of the plex, and the other is peer linked (to the left side), the central one appears with the full name, and the one in the left column appears only as the first name (without surname or comma).  If a common thought that links to both is the central link, both of them plot correctly in the left hand column.

Any ideas?  Could this have something to do with some other unique use of the comma?

Yes, this is a special use of the comma in thought names. Directly linked thoughts with common name parts delimited by commas display only the unique parts except for the active (central) thought which displays the entire name.

This is called "redundant name removal". It was also present in version 3... It's fully explained in the manual and also covered in one of the tips. When you use a comma, the parts of a name separated by a comma are considered separately and if one of them is already present in the active Thought it is removed. This is designed so that you can have a thought about a topic, such as "books" and then children such as "books, computers" and "books, design", which appear in the plex as "computers" and "design".

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