The newest build seems to have lost a lot of right click options.

As examples, the "show related" is missing from the right click on selected thought.

Also, the delete thought is missing on right click thought.
I'm pretty sure that you know this but "Delete" shows up when you right-click on a forgotten thought. It has never been an option if you right-click on a thought that is not forgotten. It also shows up if you press Shift before right-clicking a thought.

I don't recall seeing "show related" anywhere.
In the top menu, there's Edit, Select Related Thoughts. Is that what you mean? I've never noticed this option when right-clicking a thought.
Right, I am not getting either forget thought or delete (on shift). I am getting a much shorter than before on right click.

The exact words on the Edit menu are "Select Related Thoughts."

This normally appears on right click on a selected thought on the left appearing on "Control Click" of a thought. It is not appearing now for me. 
Well, I don't know what to say. I am now getting forget and delete thought and the much larger menu on right click. Gee whiz, I set forth a problem and then it goes away.

I get the select related thoughts under edit on the top menu but not on right click on a selected thought. 

Select Related Thoughts was moved to the Edit menu in a recent update. This was to clear up some confusion because it acted on the currently active Thought, and not on the Thoughts in the selection box.

When the context menu (right-click) shows much fewer options, there may be a hidden error message. I have seen this a few times where there was a non-crashing error that did not popup in front of TheBrain, and my context menu was very limited. Minimizing or moving TheBrain window allowed me to see and close the error message. Then the context menu was back to normal.

Cheers, Sean

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