Suddenly I'm seeing scrambled pins A LOT (v8).  Since hundreds of people are visiting the Climate Web via Webbrain this is a problem.  This issue dates back a long time, and I'm curious whether anyone has ever figured out a plausible theory as to the causation.  

1. Most of the time I'll notice that after syncing the right pins in Webbrain are gone, replaced by random thoughts.  Nothing changes on the desktop, but I have to unpin the correct pins, unpin all the scrambled webbrain pins, sync, re-pin, and re-sync.  PITA

2. This week for the first time after syncing the pins on my desktop were randomly replaced, while the pins in webbrain hadn't changed. 

3. Just now had the wallpaper change on my desktop after a sync.  Still correct on webbrain. 

Anyone have any insight into any of this?   It's V8 so not a priority for TB, but it is a huge PITA when hundreds of people are arriving via webbrain and going away confused because the pins don't match what they're expecting. 



Definitely +1 on getting TB8 pin issue resolved

Huge reliability issue for anyone using shared and/or public brains in TB8 since it can have such a deleterious effect on the user experience -- not to mention all the headaches associated with constantly checking (and then fixing) broken pins.

Disconcerting, too, to learn about the spontaneous desktop changes! I actually have had scrambled pins in the desktop in the past, but never a spontaneous wallpaper change!
Yes, I'm getting this as well. I still have not made the transition to TB9 because I feel I will lose functionality in the latest version.
Can't see TB8 getting fixed anytime soon. 

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