I have a challenge and was wondering if I could use TheBrain for this.
I know TheBrain uses the keyboard to receive input for the "mindmap" presented via TheBrain.

As I really, really, really like the way TheBrain is presenting the input/mindmap and behaving when clicking on a brain-item, I was wondering if one can "throw in" data into TheBrain and that TheBrain is generating a (initial) mindmap from that.

We have a large and complex website and I would like to generate a map of it. Just by presenting the website code to it. 

It there a way, TheBrain can facilitate and create such a challenge...?
Thanks in advance for your response !!
(in the can TheBrain doesnt facilitate this, possibly you have a good suggestion!?)

Hi Koos,

This was a feature a long time ago that became much too difficult to maintain. Unfortunately it is not likely to come back for TheBrain 9.

Cheers, Sean

Add a Website Forum to your website.

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