it seems that the latest patch (9.0.234) introduce scroll bug with wheel-mouse in the thought-panel. Behavior is now really bad with hiccups and less fluidity.

- i cannot scroll to the bottom of the notes with mouse wheel (if text notes is longer that the display, the last lines cannot be seen)
- using keyboard up and down arrows lead to jump in the ascensor bar with skip and not correctly scroll to fist line (top) or las line (bottom)
- click & drag the ascensor bar cannot solve the problem

If needed, I can capture some video to better explain the problem

Hi Frederic,

We have not seen this issue in any of our tests. Could you post a video of this behavior? That would help us a lot to figure out what might be causing this issue.

Cheers, Sean
I experience a similar quirk.  Steps to repeat:
  • Run TheBrain in a non-maximized window state
  • Activate a thought with enough notes to require scrolling
  • Drag the scroll bar in the notes panel and, with the left button still down, exit 'to the right' i.e. outside the app window
  • Release mouse button
  • The scroll bar doesn't release and continues to scroll with mouse movements.

The workaround is to be careful not to exit outside the notes window while scrolling, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it pesky.

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