Scroll wheel resizing is not functioning in ver on my machine. On the other hand the TIP input window has worked wonderfully in tablet mode. YES!
Scroll wheel resizing behaves differently in v5 ( I, too, thought it was broken, but it seems that because of the add'l functionality of the scroll wheel in outline mode -- moving the entire plex -- resizing with the scroll wheel is limited to when the cursor is over the active thought. That's what I've experienced.

-- Sam



·         Enhanced Mouse Wheel Functionality

o    The actions of the mouse wheel depend on where the mouse is when it is used:

§  When over the active thought, it resizes the text.

§  When in normal view and over the children, parents, jumps or siblings, it scrolls that set of Thoughts.

§  When in expanded view it adjusts the spacing between Thoughts.

§  When in outline view it scrolls the entire display


Is there a way of scroll wheel resizing with using the pen of my Tablet PC?


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