File -> Utilities -> Replace Attachment Locations
Allows search and replace of attachment locations.

I was trying this will a small test brain and you get the warning "The following operation cannot be undone, are you sure you want to proceed?"

Then you get a box with Search for: ___ Replace with: ____
(This is case sensitive)

But it would be great if we could generate a report first to see which attachment locations would be changed! Currently we cannot search for the attachment location in reports.

In my case I create a directory structure as follows with 10 images inside.
/After (Empty)
/Before (10 images)
/Image2/Before (same 10 images)

I then moved the 10 images
/After (Moved 10 images here)
/Before (Empty Now)
/Image2/Before (same 10 images as TEST-BEFORE)

Then I do File -> Utilities -> Replace Attachment Locations
Search for: "Before" Replace with: "After"

I get a message - Replaced 20 Occurrences

/After (Empty Now)
/Before (Moved 10 images here - The thoughts are updated )
/Image2/Before (same 10 images as TEST-BEFORE - These thoughts are showing the wrong location now)

I only wanted (in this case) to change the first Before directory structure and not the /Image2/Before directory structure.

This could cause a huge problem for a larger brain. Yes I could qualify my naming structure, but I see a big concern for Brain support.

Vista PB5.5-b

Pat, Thanks for your feedback on this feature.

Best regards,


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