I have asked several times without getting an answer about the inadequacy of the Search function in Sitebrain.  There are two problems with it.

1. For the instant search to work, you usually have to type one letter in the search box and wait until some results are generated before typing any more letters, otherwise you get no results.  This is not always the case, but much more often than not.

2. There is a SEARCH button next to the search box, which responds when clicked as if it were initiating some process, but in fact it does nothing at all.  It's rather tiresome to have to explain to users that this is a dummy button, and makes the site seem incompetently programmed. What was this button intended to do that the instant search function does not (sometimes) do?

Will either of these problems be addresses in future updates?

Chris, as I just mentioned to you on another thread, there is an update to SiteBrain coming up soon in a future release. I can't discuss the details at this time, but it is a complete rewrite of most of the code and I hope that you and other SiteBrain users will be pleased.
OK, I'll just keep my fingers crossed, then..:-)

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