I'm confused. When I start the Brain 8 I get the message that an update (version is available and that the Brain 8 is no longer supported. When I click 'update' I am redirected to a beta (!!) version Should I update?? I don't want to abandon version 8 and trust my data to a beta. Also: version 9 navigation / usage is way to slow and clumsy (I kind of hate to use it).
Cheers, Koen
Dell XPS 13 9343 | Windows 10 | TheBrain Pro License | iPhone 7 Plus
Hi Koen,

TheBrain 9 is still in beta, but we hope to release the full version very soon. You can turn off the update notifier by going to your Preferences and unchecking the box next to "Check for major updates on startup".

Cheers, Sean
Hi Koen,

Even though v9 is still in beta, the v9 database is more stable and reliable than v8 ever was. Therefore, we put the best option on the main down download page. However, version 8 is still available and you can download it here: http://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/oldversions.

Speed of the application is one of the many features we've been excited to improve upon. If you are still experiencing any slowness, please send us an email to support@thebrain. We are happy to schedule a web meeting to take a look at your machine.

Best regards,
My recommendation would be to review the feedback being shared in TheBrain 9 forum.

In particular, once you've navigated to this forum, I recommend searching in TB9 forum category on the following terms:
> speed
> import
> performance

Then search (again in TB9 forum category) and check on any particular features or considerations that may be important to you -- for example:
> note
> search
> calendar
> mega brain, etc.

This should give you a better idea of what other users' experiences have been with TB9.

Also, keep in mind that:
> TB9 web client (web brain) is not yet fully functional and
> many earlier/older forum topics about TB9  (for example, those started in 2016) may not have yet been resolved.

I also recommend running extensive tests on TB9 before attempting a permanent move into TB9, just so you'll be completely aware of the many differences between TB9 and TB8.

(Also, just to clarify: installing TB9 will not interfere with the operation of TB8. This means you can run versions both simultaneously, and you would not be required to upgrade to TB9 if TB8 is still a better fit for your current needs.)

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