Currently, the spelling checker is always ON, which make most of my note unreadable (computer codes).  I can turn it off but I have to do that every time I opened the note.  Is there a way to permanently turn off the spell checker?

I also do a lot of web clipping.  The clipped content usually show a lot of "Element Border" (dashed rectangles around blocks of text or picture).  Again, I can turn it off under Table >> Hide Element Borders, but I have to do it  every time I opened the note.

So I will really appreciate a way or new setting to allow user turn it off.  I understand that the Note Editor is probably a reduced version of another not-so-well-known HTML editor.  It will be great if such preference switch can be provided to TheBrain user.  Or maybe it has been replaced in the upcoming version 9?

In TheBrain 9 the preference is saved.

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