First, every year Fortune magazine compiles a list of the 500 largest U.S. companies. The most recent list has Walmart at the top with $486 billion in annual revenue and ABM Industries in position 500 with about $5 billion.

Next, here's an excerpt from the official announcement of TheBrain 9 release:
Brains can have millions of Thoughts on everything from a user’s top work projects to their philosophy of life. Executives from multiple industries use this technology to visualize and connect complex research and business processes for efficient knowledge delivery. This linking ability has garnered millions of downloads and paid users at more than half of the Fortune 100 organizations, in addition to small business, educational and government institutions worldwide.
I'm having a hard time parsing the last sentence. 

It seems that the phrase "Fortune 100 organizations" is supposed to refer to the 100 largest of the Fortune 500 companies for some unspecified year. So, the most straightforward reading of the sentence suggests that have there been "millions of downloads" at more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and millions of "paid users" at those companies using TheBrain, and even more downloads and paid users "in addition". That seems highly unlikely.

Probably the sentence means that there have been millions of downloads (overall) and some paid users at more than half (51?) of the Fortune 100 companies. If that's what it means, then how many millions of downloads and how many paid users? Also, which companies?

It seems likely there's at least one employee in any huge company who has downloaded/used/paid for TheBrain. It would be nice, though, if a few large companies were actually mentioned somewhere on the website as currently using/advocating/endorsing TheBrain.

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