It would be nice if there was a way of toggling the display of the "period prefix". It would make it easier when specifying the desired order. (Perhaps there's already a way but I couldn't find it.) 

Three more suggestions:
  1. Some type of indicator (at the top or bottom of the Plex) that displays the current selection for "Arrange Thoughts by".
  2. The ability to specify "Arrange Thoughts by" for one branch in an outline.
  3. "Manual" option that would allow dragging thoughts in an outline branch to put them in a particular order.
Some great suggestions @cerebrum. TB users are currently out of luck if they want to make any sort of modification to the order of a list in Outline View. You'd have to re-order each individual thought every time. And if you use context-sensitive Thought naming (i.e. the comma-trick), that could present additional problems. A drag-to-reorder feature as you've described would solve these issues. Shortcut keys too.


MacOS 10.14.1TB 10.0.29


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