Is here someone who is using TheBrain with the Windows 8/8.1/10-Tablet PC "Microsoft Surface 3 (Pro)" and its pen? How does this work together? Any problems to talk about or great combination? 

Even we get native apps for Android and iOS in the future, it is much better to have full functionality with a desktop version on a windows tablet. In addition it would be great to have TheBrain on a Windows 10 Mobile-Smartphone as an Universal App.

Yes, I use Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the pen. It is a joy using TheBrain with the pen Will.
customized Desktop PC (Haswell i7 4770 3.4 gHz with 32 GB RAM), Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 256 GB SSD,  and a Microsoft Surface Pro 2017, Windows 10, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB ram, i7
The main problem with the Surface Pro 3 is the high dpi-screen which makes dpi-unaware programs very small and hard to read, but that is general windows problem. Since the size of the fonts in the plex can be changed continuously, it is just the notes-Window, for which I find this Windows-behavior disturbing.

Another problem when using TheBrain in tablet mode is that the virtual keyboard does not automatically appear when puting the focus into the search field or the notes window, and if one manually opens the virtual keyboard, the TheBrain window does not automatically resize so that the instant search field stays visible. It is hidden behind the keyboard. But that is a general problem with tablet-mode-unaware programs as well.

At least this all applies to TheBrain 7 under Windows 10.
Regarding the dpi problem, have a look at the solution outlined in Finally makes TheBrain usable on a Surface or other notebooks with high dpi screens.
Bill/bmac, could you share some tips you found helpful using a pen on a surface to work with TheBrain? Anyone else have suggestions?

After years of considering various options to get my brain portable, I'm focusing on getting a Surface. A colleague is letting me test TheBrain on it.

Navigating through an existing brain is fine. The problems come with data-entry and changing information. My habits with manipulating information using a keyboard/mouse for TheBrain just aren't translating well to touch/pen.


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