I've just started using one-way links more heavily, and have noted that when used in jump links it is hard to know when they will and won't show up.  Zenrain raised this issue some time ago (2011) as a potential bug, and I'm wondering whether that is still the case or I'm doing something wrong. 

that is a problem for me too.

Can you share an example of what you are referring to? A screenshot or video perhaps? I am not understanding what the issue is here, sorry.
how should one way links work corectly? 

what should happen, if I have the thoughts like in the screenshots? 

thought "one" is connected two times normal and other times one way. 

If I expand the "test" thought, sometimes it is like it should be in my opinion - like in the last screenshot, everything expanded and 
the thought "one" is connected two times with normal links. one way links are hidden. 

If I did the screenshot (FastStone Capture 7.1) the oneway links are opened just befor shooting. 
in the video with this software the oneway links open directly. 

(klicks in the video are first collapse ( - ) and two times expand ( + ) )

this is TB

this is happening only sometimes. I don't know, if the capture software is doing this.
sometimes the onewaylinks in version 7x open, if nothing is done at all.  

pic 1 - all connections
pic 2 - one way links open just befor shooting
pic 3 - everything expanded like it should be
pic 4 - same as 2

Click image for larger version - Name: atb1.png, Views: 70, Size: 54.04 KB Click image for larger version - Name: atb2.png, Views: 70, Size: 35.01 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: atb3.png, Views: 69, Size: 29.80 KB Click image for larger version - Name: atb4.png, Views: 68, Size: 35.92 KB
This problem is in the same. 

If I go outside of TB in other programs like Opera, Windows Explorer, my screenshot tool, text Editor, etc. and I come back to TB, the one way links are opened. 


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