Would it be useful to have an option to be able to have the TheBrain stay on top of other Windows? It would cut down on the distance required to drag a URL from the browser to the task bar.

I suppose the option is to divide the screen into 2 windows with TheBrain taking up half the screen and the browser the other half (Windows Key + arrow key). Just trying to figure out what would be more convenient and require the fewest keystrokes. TheBrain Stay on Top4.jpg  TheBrain Not on Top.jpg

I actually run my setup in split mode. Half the screen is TheBrain 9 and half is a web browser. For drag and drop when you have the browser full screen, you can also drag a URL to TheBrain icon on your taskbar, then into the plex once your Brain is showing.

Cheers, Sean
Haven't tried this, but there are utilities for Windows that let you do this for any application...

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