When using touch screen on a Windows computer, Windows has the right-click implemented as a long press, but such action on an active thought activates a dial to select creating a new related thought with no option to select the thought's context menu.  Since the right-hand side of this dial has no assigned feature, how about having that part of the dial select the thought's context menu?

Otherwise, when using my convertible laptop as a tablet, I don't know a way to access the active thought's context menu by touch screen alone.

Thank you for posting. You can just do a single tap on the current active Thought in order to open up it's Thought Properties Display.

I like your idea of adding the context menu selection to the unused space.  I'll document this for further review.  The tricky part is that the space to the right is not always unused.  In some scenarios (when a Thought is on the far right of the screen or depending on it's location in a group of sibling or child Thoughts) the space may be used for the Create Jump or Create Child options.

Thank you,
Tap to open the thought properties dialog, then tap on the menu icon ("hamburger button").

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