I get this error on my Win 10 Home Edition (Creators Edition version 1709) with The Brain I have set time and set time zone set to Automatic.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia and I am not surprised the local time is different to the server time.

I have a work MS Surface with Win 10 Pro (Creators Edition version 1709) and with The Brain and that syncs fine.

Please advise.
Hi Rohan,

Both the server and your computer actually communicate in GMT, so it doesn't matter where you are. This issue is usually due to your clock being a few seconds or minutes off from the server's. Please check your clock against an online clock such as:  https://www.timeanddate.com/ and ensure that the time, including seconds, is in sync.

Cheers, Sean
I find this quite bizarre.
My work Surface has the Time Settings:
Set Time Automatically = Yes
Set Time Zone Automatically = No
Time Zone = (UTC+9.30) Adelaide.
I have set my personal laptop to exactly the same settings and at first it didn't sync, but then it started to sync.

I didn't need to adjust the clock to match time & date web site.

Anyway, all done.

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