So I've been hoping at some point that the synonyms file would be fleshed out a bit more, but since I'm so patient...
Here's my file in it's current state. Right now I've only added things that I need directly, so there's not as much in there yet, but I'll update it as I come across things. I've added most states, one thing to note is the Oregon state designation shouldn't be added, as it includes a stop word (or) when searching.

What's the synonym file? Check here for more info.
Also, you may want to back up your file, as it gets overwritten every time you ugprade PB.

So, if you have updated your synonym file at all and want to make it public, please share and we can start combining our efforts. 

Edit: Now with Provinces (and bicycle hopefuly speled corectli)

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Interesting, and thanks for posting.

I think "bycicle" is spelled incorrectly.

-- Sam


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