I would like to have a tab open for each highly active matter so I can leave the matter to work on something else and then easily come back to the same place I was before.

Currently, the tab is named after the active thought which generally is not that helpful. The active thought might be something like "2017/09/22 Letter to X" which might give me little or no clue to the matter. I would like to be able to quickly name the tab in a manner useful to me.

I previously mentioned having the ability to give different themes / colors to each tab to help distinguish them. This request is along the same lines and for the same purpose.
Hello David,

Thanks for your suggestion, user suggestions are very useful to us. We have definitely taken note of this and will consider it for future development. 

We do have a feature in place that may help with this issue in the mean time. As you click through different Thoughts, you should see a list of those thoughts begin to appear on the bottom of the Plex. You can easily click on one of those icons and it should take you straight to that thought.

We're thinking about how we might accommodate your use case. If you were able to assign a name/color, what would you expect to happen to it once you close it? Is it persisted in some way or does it go away when you close it?
Thanks. When the brain reopens, it reestablishes the tabs existing at the time of closing including name and color / theme. Also, a list of names and associated colors / themes is maintained that may be assigned to a tab so if the tab is closed an item from the list may be assigned to the tab. The list should include a “home” thought and last active thought.

Thank you for the extra detail on this suggestion.  The possibilities are under consideration.

Thank you,
+1 -- Definitely like this idea. Thanks, sibleyd.

Very interesting idea.

Currently, a tab has a lot of configuration info:

  • Active Brain
  • Active Thought
  • View type
  • Expand All or Collapse All
  • Size of Plex text
  • Position and size of Notes pane
  • Visibility of Reports and Timeline

All that info is stored while the tab is open. I can switch from tab to tab to view a brain from different perspectives and, when I close TB9 and then I launch it again, all my tabs are the same as I left them. But ... if I close a tab, it's as if it never existed.

If a tab were some type of persistent entity, it could have a name, color and other attributes, along with a "home thought" that represents the default point of entry for that tab. And, it could be copied, edited and deleted.


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