My ESET security is generating the following:

Threat removed
A threat (JS/Redirector.NDR) was found when TheBrain tried to access a
website (
The access has been blocked.

Most clicks on thoughts are generating this warning. What is TheBrain trying to do here?

JS/Redirector.NDR is a trojan according to ESET.
-- The Cap'n
Surface Pro 4, Windows 10
Dell XPS 15 laptop, Windows 10
Samsung 7Edge
Just responding here in case other users come across this thread.

TheBrain 9 is designed to only access the internet for a few reasons.

  1. To check our servers for updates.
  2. To sync your Brain to/from TheBrain Cloud, only if you have synced at least one Brain to the cloud.
  3. To access a website that the user attached to a Thought, and only when that specific Thought is activated.

If you use TheBrain Cloud, the address that your Brains sync to is . TheBrain 9 should not be attempting to access any other pages unless you attached them to a Thought. Our recommendation is to run a virus scan to see if something is running in the background and appearing to be TheBrain.


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