How can I select multiple files within the same Thought and then move them onto the plex so that each file creates a new Thought? 

I can select multiple files within the file list, but when I drag 'them' onto the plex, only one file is copied (not moved) and one new Thought is created.  So to accomplish what I need to do, I have to drag each file individually onto the plex and then delete the files from the original Thought.

PS.  How can I change the default action for dragging files *within* TB (not from outside TB) from 'copy' to 'move'?  
+1 for both requests:
> Drag multiple attachments into the plex at one time
> Option to change the default drag/drop command (for changing the location of attachments) from "copy" to "move"

Also, please give us the option we have in TB to highlight multiple linked attachments, and then move them ALL into TB9 at once. Currently, I have to highlight each of the attachments separately, and move them into TB9 individually.
+1 😉

So, it's not currently possible BrentK (as you may have surmised). Currently I've assigned a keyboard shortcut to Thoughts > Open Folder in the Keyboard Preference tab and use that to open the folder in Finder and drag them in. Doesn't fit your criteria of being in the Brain, but it's a workaround so I'm mentioning it.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Zenrain, thank you for confirming that I'm not simply overlooking something.  I too have assigned a shortcut to open the Thought's folder.  I used this a lot pre-TB9 too.

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