Use case:
Taking notes on a topic and want to store it as tabular data.

I run into this every time I use thebrain and it gets in the way for me.

I know that I can link out to a word doc, or excel, or a google doc (It looks like that is working now)
However, I like being able to take notes without having to open an external app or link for most things. The reason is it's just plain quicker, less clicks and less cumbersome.

I use other tools where the text editor has a WSIWYG option and it supports tables. JIRA comes to mind. The tickets are written in WIKI notation but it has a WSIWYG add on.

It's just that tables are what really differentiate a text file from a rich text file for me.


Maybe add a wiki engine in place of what is behind the scenes now? If you do that  I wouldn't even mind having to hand code the symbols in the WIKI markup language.

Memory on Paper
Hi Mike,

We are working on adding tables to the notes. I have added your voice to the feature request, and let our team know that this feature is one of the more frequently requested ones.

Cheers, Sean
+1 for Tables in Notes
Also, just to be explicitly clear, tables in notes will be most helpful if they are responsive on mobile devicesin the web client and on the desktop.

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