I'm using the current version of TB9 (212) on a Windows PC and a Windows Notebook.

Here's the sequence of actions and the problems that resulted:

  • Changed theme settings in TB9 on my notebook computer
    • Themes assigned to several brains were changed
    • Default list of themes was changed:
      • Some themes were edited
      • Some themes were created
      • Some themes were deleted
  • Synced TB9 on Notebook Computer
  • Synced TB9 on Desktop PC
  • Theme changes were NOT reflected on my PC
    • Themes assigned to specific brains did not update
    • Changes to the theme list did not update

Is this a problem with the web brain sync that is yet-to-be-addressed? Or, should this theme sync be working?

Apologies in advance if this is addressed elsewhere in the forum. With a quick search, I couldn't find any posts on this issue.
Changes to themes in the Brain Themes dialog list are not synced between computers. Only brains are sync between computers, not things like themes and preferences. If you wish to move themes between computers separate from brains, you need to export the themes and then import them on the other computer.

If you make changes to an individual brain's theme (change it's wallpaper, font, colors, etc.) then those changes should be synced along with everything else in that brain. You must sync each individual brain for that the change to appear.

For each individual brain, please verify that you have synced from the notebook computer and then sync again on the desktop computer. If the changes to the theme do not appear, please let us know what specific change is not showing so we can attempt to reproduce the problem. After you have made a note of what is not appearing, try closing that brain and re-opening it. It is possible the change was sent but the display not updated properly.

Hopefully the difference between themes in the list of Brain Themes and the theme of an individual brain is clear. Let me know if I didn't explain it sufficiently. Thanks for posting.
Thank you, Harlan, for your prompt follow-up and clarification.

It helps to know that TB9 Theme Designs (list) and Preference settings cannot be synced, and must be exported (or copied) to other brain installations. I was not aware of these limitations, and will adjust my theme design process and any changes to my preference settings accordingly.

Just to clarify the implications of your feedback, I would like to confirm what syncing will and will not allow me to do in terms of assigning a new theme to an existing brain.

Specifically, if I create a new theme in TB9 on my notebook computer, assign it to an existing brain named "Main", am I correct in understanding this new theme setting will NOT be transferred when I sync my "Main" brain from my notebook computer to my "Main" brain in TB9 on my PC?

In other words, will I have to physically export the new theme from TB9 on my notebook computer into TB9 on my desktop computer before I will be able to use the new theme in my "Main" brain on both computers? 

Once I understand what syncing can and cannot do in terms of assigning and transferring new theme settings, then I'll have a better idea of whether or not the sync issue I experienced previously was a bug or simply a limitation inherent in transferring and/or syncing new themes from a brain on one computer to the same brain on another computer.

(The problem I had previously is that changes made with both new and existing themes did NOT successfully sync between 2 computers, even though I did systematically sync the most recently edited brains before syncing the brains that needed to be updated.)
The colors and the note style of the active theme should be synchronized between all computers. The saved themes are not (I think this the same as Version 8). 
As an example, if I create a new theme on one computer, save it and then synchronize, the other computers should all select the same fonts, colors and note colors as the one I designed the theme on (after they have successfully synchronized). However, on the computers I didn't design and save the theme on, the theme would not be added to the list of saved themes. 

In version 9, they have recently added the ability to export and import a theme. [smile]

So there are two ways to transfer themes. What I have been doing after creating a theme is Save it on the computer I created it on (A). Then sync. Then on the computer I haven't created it on (B), after the sync it will have the new Theme settings. I then go and save it as a new theme.

What I also do now is export the theme and attach the file to a thought with the Theme name and a screenshot. Then when the brain is synchronized I can open that theme on any computer which doesn't have it in the list and copy the file to a different location and then import it.

This method works well for me, and I'm a fairly active theme user/creator. Hope this helps!

macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Thank you, ZenRain.

As always your feedback is very helpful in shedding additional light on the current issue -- and it confirms that I have run into a bug with theme changes not syncing between brains.

For example, on an existing brain, I changed the theme to an existing (default) theme on my notebook computer, and it did NOT update after correctly syncing between my notebook and desktop installations.

Previously, I think I had the same issue with creating a new theme on my notebook computer and attempting to sync it on an existing brain on my desktop computer. However, this theme has since been updated manually on my desktop, and I no longer have the output log from when the problem originally occurred. (Was not sure at the time if this behavior was a bug or not.)

To TB Staff: Unfortunately, I do not have time right now to do any additional theme change testing. However, if I run into this bug again at some point in the future, I will provide current output logs from both installations now that I know the behavior I experienced was a bug, and not an intentional change in V9 performance.

Will also be interested to know if any other users have experienced theme sync issues, since our collective feedback might shed a little more light on how to resolve this bug.

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