I understand the web client is still under development, and I look forward to seeing all the new enhancements as they roll out in the days ahead.

In the meantime, I'm very pleased with the basic functionality we currently have in the interim version of the web client, so much so that I've actually begun creating my first public brain in TB9. [smile]

(This is a major milestone for me since I had only been able to work with test brains prior to resolving the problems I was having previously with my antivirus program.)

In light of this new mega-brain project, I wanted to put in a vote (request) for 2 features that would be extremely helpful in a public brain (specifically, the version of a brain that displays when the user is logged out):
  • Provide a vertical scroll bar on vertical notes
  • Set external links in notes to open in a new window by default so the new links don't automatically overwrite TheBrain

I hasten to add, I know there are a lot of other basic features and additional enhancements on the development list for the web client -- and I understand the staff is not ready (yet) to open the door for web client bug reports.

However, implementing these 2 (hopefully simple?) features would go quite a long way toward making the web client more ready for public consumption, and I thank you in advance for considering this request.

With appreciation,
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macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.239
Thanks for posting. We have an internal test location with these features being implemented now. It should be publicly available soon.

Thank you,
Hooray! ðŸ™Œ

Thanks so much, Matt, for the update and for making these features available soon. It will be a great help with my newest brain project -- as I suspect it will be with any other public brains users are now starting to create.

Many thanks! ðŸ™‚
Matt ~

A few days ago I was pleased to see the vertical scroll bar for notes in a vertical position is now available in the web client. Many thanks!

Will be looking forward to seeing external links in notes opening a new window, as well, especially in light of Harlan's recent announcement about the new embed option that's available now for TB9 web brains.

I also wanted to find out how internal thought links in notes are going to be handled in the web client. Right now when I click on a thought link in a note I always get the following pop-up message, and I'm never able to click through to the thought itself:


In general, when I'm in the web client I do not want thought links to open in the local brain, but I can't currently figure out how thought links are supposed to open in the web client.

I'm also wondering why this message pops up when I'm logged out of the web client, since I assume this option to open a thought link "in the associated app" only applies to TB users who have local access to the brain in question.

Will be looking forward to any clarification you can provide.

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