When trying to sync two test accounts on TeamBrain, i get the following error after downloading a Brainzip from webbrain and opening on a separate PC with a second account:

Sync Failed. Please try again in a few minutes. Error: No common sync points found.

Any feedback on this?

Also i notice that thoughts marked Private on the created test TeamBrain appeared in the second accounts TeamBrain fully visible!

Are these issues to be resolved with the new Webbrain architecture?



TB8021 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 66
IE10 32bit Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Primary Access Win10Pro
64bit Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7 Narrowpuddle
Brain user since zygote
Yes, private thoughts are visible to other editors. They are not visible to readers.

As I am sure you know by now, the sync points error should have been resolved quite a while ago... FYI, the new update to WebBrain adds a lot of online editing capabilities that I believe will be very helpful especially for TeamBrain applications.

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